How to raise your credit score

If you are serious about making a difference on your credit report, you need to know how to raise your credit score. It is a process that takes months of diligent work and a dedication to curbing your spending habits. A credit score is based on several factors. Things like credit utilization, payment history, length accounts have been opened and derogatory marks on the report will all play a factor in your overall score.

Your first step will be to look at your credit report in depth and determine if all the information on the report is accurate. This includes account balances (it can take at least 30 days for recent credits to show on the report), accounts in general and if there are any late payments noted, but you don't remember ever having a late payment.

Begin the process of removing any inaccurate information. Make an effort to pay credit cards down. A goal of 25 percent utilization is ideal for credit card balances. If you have very little credit, consider opening a credit card to help establish credit. Don't run out and charge it up. Charge a bit and then make a payment to keep the card at a low balance. Pay all of your bills on time. If there are any items in collection, get those taken care of immediately. If you are interested in how to raise your credit score, start with these items and you will soon see a positive difference.