Steps to repairing credit

If you have been denied credit because your score wasn't high enough, you may be wondering what happened. How did your score drop? You don't remember doing anything that would negatively impact your score, but here you are looking at a score that will not let you get the things you want and need. Repairing credit is something many people have discovered they have a need for.

Your first step is pulling your credit report and identifying any negative factors that are hurting your score. The key is to look for items that are not your responsibility. It is not abnormal for a large company or creditor to accidentally send the wrong information to a collection agency or credit reporting company.

With millions of people in the world and many have the same names and birthdays, it is no wonder the wrong person is being held accountable for an account. The people who report information to the credit bureaus are human. One wrong keyboard stroke and one person's credit score is ruined. Repairing credit is about getting those mistakes removed from a credit report.

The process is fairly basic and involves sending letters to the creditors, collection agencies and the credit bureau with enough detail to prove the account that has been reported is not yours. You may have to send several letters in order to succeed. Credit repairing can be time consuming and frustrating, but it is something that has to be done in order to achieve your goals of owning a home or a car with your credit.