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Self-Credit Repair Learning Center was created to help you get your financial life back. Mark Clayborne knew that credit repair is more than just removing inaccurate, unverifiable, questionable and misleading derogatory information, so he not only will help you restore your credit but also help you rebuild and raise your credit score.


Ten years ago Mark had really bad credit that stopped him from getting the things he wanted at the time.  His credit was so bad that he had to file Bankruptcy, which dropped his credit score to 540.  He knew that he did not want to live with bad credit for 10 years, so Mark went on a mission to study everything pertaining to credit repair. He was able to fix his credit and take his credit score to a high 720. Mr. Clayborne then went on to write the number one credit repair book in the country and on Amazon.com, Hidden Credit Repair Secrets, with over 140 positive reviews. Now he wants to help you, and that is why he built a Professional Credit Repair Service.

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To reach Mark or a member of his team, please contact them here: info@selfcreditrepairlearningcenter.com or call 1-888-959-1462